Seasonal Contract


All seasonal visitors are required to sign a seasonal contract which is legally binding on both sides.

  • The site is open all year round for statics at a cost of £2,700
  • The Tourer site opens 1st March until 30th November for Seasonal Tourers at a cost of £2035
  • The full price for an annual season includes over winter storage if there is commitment to following season
  • If you do not wish to have a seasonal pitch the following year and wish to remove your tourer on or before the 30th  November, you must pay the outstanding annual rent before your tourer leaves the site or you vacate the pitch; whichever is the sooner.
  • Caravans left over winter must: be cleared of valuables, curtains left open and display a Lincolnshire Police leaflet in the window. In addition, a set of spare caravan keys must be left with the Site Owner.
  • The Seasonal Pitch is for caravan owners who are not permitted to sub-let their pitch and must inform the Site Owner if other immediate family are visiting their caravan to assist in keeping the site secure.
  • The price includes fishing, use of toilets, water waste and sewage disposal. Brown water should be dispersed amongst the trees; or if a pitch is on the perimeter, the use of a pipe for water dispersal is permitted.
  • Fishing is available to all residents and their guests, only when the caravan owner is in residence.
  • In order to preserve the fish for all, no ground bait or keep nets should be used and fish should not leave the site. Strictly barbless hooks are required, along with a current fishing licence. All equipment must be removed from pegs at the end of a fishing session and pegs may not be reserved overnight.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied when fishing by a supervising adult and should not wander alone near the lake area as the water is very deep.
  • Dogs must always be kept on a lead and within the boundaries of the caravan pitch. Dog walking is permitted on the 15acres of fields at the back of the site. ‘Accidents’ must be collected by the owner.
  • It is not permitted for anyone who is to your knowledge, a convicted child sex offender, or is subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (‘on the sex offenders register’) to use the Caravan
  • Only metal storage containers are permitted on site, as a requirement of the Site Licence.
  • Items must not be stored underneath caravans, also as a requirement of the Site Licence.
  • Please show consideration to others by limiting noise after 10.00pm
  • An individual wheelie bin is provided together with a crate for glass bottles which must be taken off site
  • The showers in the shower lodge are available at 80p per token which are obtainable from the Site Owners
  • Aqua Kem Green cassette fluid must be used and is available at £11.85 for a 1.5 litre bottle
  • Electricity is currently charged at 55p pkw, but will be reviewed in May 2024
  • The owners reserve the right to relocate tourers for site maintenance or development purposes at no charge to visitors. Any movement would be discussed beforehand

There is an electronic gate for which a deposit of £50 is required for your own personal key fob. Upon leaving the site £20 will be returned on receipt of a working fob.